1. How many guarantors do you need to get a loan?

No restriction but the amount is what matters not the number of people. The difference between your free shares and the amount applied for.

2. What is loan repayment period?

Less than 50000-maximum 2years

50001-499999-maximum 3years

500000-999999 maximum 4years

Above 1000000 maximum 5years

3. What is the loan interest

1% per month on reducing balance.

4. How much do I need to join as a new member?

One off registration fee of Ksh.300 for adults and ksh.150 for minors and young adults 25 years and below and minimum savings of Ksh.50 for savings. Benevolent fund of Ksh.20 per month.

5. How long does one take to qualify for a loan?

Six (6) months after joining and contributing consistently per month.

6.How can I access my account balances?

SMS: Caritas Balance to 22384

7. How long is the grace period?

Exactly 30 days from the date of disbursement for the principal only but not the interest.

8. What is the minimum/maximum contribution per month?

Minimum of KSh 50 and a maximum of not more than 15% of the groups share capital.

9. What is the mode of payment?

Through Caritas Microfinance bank 1002025000030, Coop bank Account 01128380362500,Mpesa Paybill Number 527544.

10. What is the duration for loan processing?

Maximum of one day.